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So its been a few weeks since we brought you some brand new shemale Eva Lin videos, so we decided that it was time!  This time we have the sexy Eva Lin in a very romantic setting.  The lights are low and the videos seem to focus just on her, which in a weird way makes you feel like you’re there.  I don’t want to sound cheesy, but it kinda does.  Or at least it makes it easy to focus on her and her big shemale cock, as she strokes it for you in the dim lit room.  Imagine being there, in the Eva Lin videos, as she strips down naked and puts on a show, then starts to stroke her cock for you until she shoots her hot tranny cum all over.  Maybe then she would even go to work on you, sucking your cock and letting you blow your hot cum load all over her pretty shemale face.  Seems like I am getting a little out of control here, lets get back to these new Eva Lin videos.  Like I said, she strips down for you and caresses her sexy shemale body, then goes to work on her cock, stroking it until she can’t take it anymore and eventually shoots her load all over the bed.

Remember though, these Eva Lin videos are just samples, a small taste of what you get when you become a member of her site.  Her official site is packed with tons of pictures, videos, a diary, behind the scenes stuff, and a whole lot more, like access to her friends sites as well.  After you watch these hot new Eva Lin videos, be sure to head over to her official site and check it out.  You’ll be glad you did, because its packed with tons of hot shemale action, hard cocks, cumshots and tight tranny asses!

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Shemale Eva Lin is still pretty new (her site is less than a month old), but she is already really starting to impress me with her kinkiness.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she has a nice big set of shemale tits, a great ass, a nice big thick shemale cock and a pretty face.  But all that can only take you so far I guess.  Fortunately shemale Eva Lin goes the extra mile, by doing things like shooting balls out of her ass and fucking a drill, like these Eva Lin videos we have for you today!  I don’t know too much about her really, except she is from the Philippines and is half Irish.  Normally I am not too into Philippine shemales, there are too many of them and they aren’t really all that unique.  Its like slutty blonde teens with tattoos, there are so many of them that when one offers you a blowjob you only really take it if you have nothing better to do, since its not a big deal or hard to come by.  Fortunately for shemale Eva Lin, she has that Irish side to her that gives her that unique look.  Plus, like I said, shes kinky as fuck and isn’t afraid to go the extra mile to stand out from everyone else!  And these Eva Lin videos this week are a perfect example of that!

Of course when you join her official site, you get access to al the hot shemale Eva Lin videos, that are all shot in high definition, as well as her hot pictures that are also high resolution.  Basically you will be happy with just her site, but theres more!  You also have the option to get access to other hot amateur teen shemales with your single membership, so you really will have all sorts of hot shemale movies and action to keep you busy!  Speaking of keeping busy, I need to stop typing because I have other things I need to be doing, other than hitting keys, if you catch my drift.  And if you don’t, check out these videos and then you’ll know what I mean!  ;-)

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Even though her site is new, these Eva Lin videos prove that she is not new to shemale kinkiness!  These brand new Eva Lin videos feature her shooting balls out of her ass!  What does that mean you ask?  Well, she stuffs balls (think of anal beads without the string) into her ass, then shoots them out.  You’ve heard of the Thai whores shooting ping pong balls out of their pussy before right?  Well, obviously Eva Lin doesn’t have a pussy (she has a nice big shemale cock instead), so she can’t shoot balls out.  But, she has a well worked tight TS asshole that she can shoot balls out of.  I’ve never seen any shemale videos like these before, so I am sure you’re going to enjoy them as well.  This is only the second post of hot Eva Lin videos, and already she is doing things that you can’t find just anywhere!  And remember, there is plenty more of this on her official site!

Incase you didn’t know, Eva Lin is the newest shemale on the internet.  Her site is less than a month old, and as you can see she clearly cares about being number one.  These Eva Lin videos are just a small example of what she has in store for you at her official site, so after you check them out be sure to head over there and get a look at more Eva Lin videos, as well as tons of high resolution pictures and access to her twitter account, which she updates constantly, as well as her diary and a bunch of behind the scenes type stuff.  Her site is also grouped with a bunch of other hot shemale sites, so you will definitely have your fill of great content.  Oh, and did I mention that are her content is 100% amateur and exclusive?  Well, it is, so go check it out after you enjoy these hot shemale videos!

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