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So its been awhile since we posted some new Eva Lin videos for you, and for that I am sorry.  Its been pretty hectic over there and, well, there hasn’t been a lot of time.  Plus, the newest videos we’ve had for promotion were embedded flash videos, which I don’t like as much.  I like being able to save the videos and watch them later and search around and stuff like that, flash doesn’t seem to offer that quite as well.  In short, I didn’t feel like the videos I had available were really good enough to post, so I kinda held off and posted videos from some other shemales on some of our other blogs (there are links to the other blogs on the right side).  Buttttt, then I just checked the promo section for some new videos of Eva Lin and came across these of her greasing her sexy shemale body down and riding a GIGANTIC black dildo.  Honestly I am not a fan of the insanely huge dildos with girls, mainly because I like to this that they have tight assholes, and that huge thing has do stretch it at least a bit.  But, she does grease herself up pretty nice and jerks her hard shemale cock for us, AND its been awhile since I posted some new videos, so I figured these would do the trick!

Enough of me talking about it, how about the videos!  I am not going to go into detail about whats going on here, because you can tell by the screenshots (and its pretty late and I am too tired to go into some fancy descriptions.  Its a sexy shemale with a nice cock named Eva Lin, which if you’re on this page you probably know who she is.  She is riding a giant dildo and greasing herself up and jerking off).  Now you know.  :-)

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